The Farm

José Ruivo, Dão wine lover and founder of Quinta de Darei, in 1997 decided to buy this beautiful 150 hectare farm, located on the shores of the Dão river, on one of the hillsides, near the reservoir of the Fagilde Dam, and with an altitude of around 400 meters above sea level.

The Beginning

Involving the entire Ruivo family in the Darei project, the restoration of the built heritage began, a 17th century manor house and some other stone houses where Clara Ruivo with the help of her daughter Inês took on the Tourism project in 2008.

The recovery project included the restoration of the existing traditional winery, without harming the installation of all the necessary technology for the current times and requirements, always privileging the wine activity. The vineyards were planted on the property, and thus José Ruivo with the help of his son Mani launched the Wines of Darei.

Produce goods for family members and friends who visited

Today, the initial idea, in its essence, "to produce wine for the house and friends who visit it" has not been forgotten, only extended to new consumers. Currently, the Lagar de Darei brand has a solidified presence both in the national market, and also, beyond borders.
The business, now also with Mani, who helps his father in its management, continues with the mission of producing wines that are only the result and expression of nature's action, without chemicals or industrial products, from the grapes to the bottle.

A wine that intends to thrill those who drink it

The wines of Darei are wines "made by nature", which respect the identity of the Dão and the character of the typical grape varieties of the region. A wine that was born from the purest of ideas in the intimacy of a family: to deeply know the cycle of "their" wine, from planting the vines to the harvest made by hand. All to know exactly what was being offered when serving a glass to a friend. A wine that intends to thrill those who drink it.